2/17/2010 Big East Bubble Watch

Locked In SyracuseVillanovaGeorgetownWest VirginiaPittsburgh Bubble Territory but Looking Good Louisville (16-9 RPI 32) The big win at Syracuse puts them in a very good position. Louisville's resume isn't really that spectacular but their decent RPI mixed with wins over Cincinnati and South Florida gives them an edge. Still need to win a few more games to feel truly comfortable. On Very Shaky Ground Cincinnati (15-9 RPI 48) RPI is looking better but losses to Louisville, Notre Dame and Seton Hall could come back to haunt them. Their remaining schedule is tough and the Bearcats are in serious danger of being passed by the other bubble teams in the conference. UConn (15-11 RPI 50 ) I was ready to stick a fork in them. They lost five out of six and the one win was against DePaul. Then they beat Villanova and everything changed. The Huskies are still in pretty bad shape but they have a chance. South Florida (15-9 RPI 56) "USF could make the NCAA Tournament!" is very two weeks ago. Losses to fellow bubble dwellers Notre Dame and Marquette are cooling the once hot South Florida momentum. They have the signature wins but now need to win some games if they want to stay alive. Seton Hall (14-9 RPI 58) Nobody talks about them but Seton Hall has a decent RPI and an outside chance at 20 wins. They're still something of a long shot but it's hard to completely count out a team with an RPI in the low 50's. Marquette (16-8 RPI 60) Wins over USF and Notre Dame have put Marquette in good shape for a bid. Their weak RPI and strength of schedule aren't helping them much but it will be hard to ignore them if they win 22 games in the regular season. Marquette is the Big East version of Virginia Tech. Great record - weak numbers. All but Finished Notre Dame (17-9 RPI 79) I don't know what to make of Notre Dame. They have an awful RPI, losses to Rutgers, Seton Hall, Cincinati and UConn, a loss to Loyola Marymount (RPI 207) and yet they could finish with 20 wins. Will need a miracle finish and some Big East Tournament wins to even get consideration. St. Johns (14-10 RPI 72 ) Need a miracle. I'm not counting on it.