A great weekend at Greek Peak

As you may be aware, we ran a contest on our TV stations at the end of February called Weekend Getaway " Breakfast with Wayne. This was a short contest we put together with the folks at Greek Peak ski area and their new resort and indoor water park. It TMs the Cascade TMs Indoor Water Park at Hope Lake Lodge resort. We thought it would be terrific for selected families to get away for a weekend of fun and some 80 degree weather, which is what the temperature is inside the water park.

Although I have been forecasting the weather for Greek Peak for 20 years, it had been awhile since the last time I was there. Let me tell you| what a change! It TMs certainly not just a ski area anymore It is now a year round resort and vacation destination with of course the ski area, a resort hotel, the giant indoor water park, several nice restaurants and even an arcade that would rival Chuck-E-Cheese. Hats off to the entire Kryger family, especially Al Kryger, who years ago had a vision and all worked to make it a reality.

This past weekend, I, along with four other families from across Central New York had the opportunity to enjoy all the resort has to offer and check out all the facilities. Although it was a relative short duration contest - just ten days - we had nearly 1,000 families register on We had no clue who any of the families were. The only thing we wanted to do was try and get four families that were from different parts of CNY, and we did.

Our winners were:

- The Beachner family from Cicero- The Holcomb family from Baldwinsville- The Grausgruber family from West Monroe- The Dykeman family from Groton

Everyone arrived Saturday afternoon and most headed to the Cascades Indoor Water Park since all but one of the families had young children| and I think it's safe to say the children and the adults all had a blast! The fourth family had an older daughter getting ready to ship out for active duty in the military. This was a great time for the parents, the daughter and her husband to spend a last weekend together before shipping out. My youngest daughter, my wife and I decided to head to the mountain and try some tubing. What a great time that was! I TMll tell you what, actually coming down the mountain on the tubes seemed a whole lot faster than just watching others come down the mountain! Must have something to do with the wind blowing in your face.

For the most part, Saturday evening everyone was on their own having a grand old time, inside and/or outside. My family enjoyed the arcade Saturday evening trying out the multitude of video and arcade games available ranging from a State Fair favorite Whack-A-Mole to a very popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire video game.

Sunday morning was our breakfast, and everyone seemed hungry| hungry to eat and hungry to get back to all the fun activities. Everyone was introduced to each other, chatted and ate their fill of good food. Kevin from Greek Peak welcomed everyone and made everyone feel comfortable and at home. I also welcomed everyone on behalf of our TV stations. Then, a few pictures were taken (see below), and off everyone went to finish out the day and their Weekend Getaway!

It was a great weekend, and everyone at Greek Peak, Cascades Indoor Water Park and Hope Lake Lodge couldn TMt have been more accessible and willing to help. Their concern for quality is all around you at the resort, and they truly want all their guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time. My personal thanks to them for everything they did. I TMm sure we TMll be doing much more with the resort in the future. In the meantime, if you TMd like to check out all that they have to offer, click on this link .

Keep watching for future contests on our TV stations and right here at!