A roadside hero for a Liverpool librarian: Matt's Memo

Bill Cregg.

There are times in the news business that are indelible. The first moment we hear of a terrible act, a crime or event the details sear into our mind. Oddly in the case of the murder of the Liverpool librarian in March the first I heard of the terribly violent act I had no idea of the magnitude of the horror.

March 14th was a Thursday night. Our newsroom police scanners indicated some activity in the Town of Clay. By the time we left the station for the night we had learned there was a carjacking. We had no idea how big the chasm was between our early information an the gruesome crime that had been committed that night. We surely know now.

My colleague Michael Benny talked with the man who discovered the ten year old girl as she ran for her life on Verplank Road. Michael's exclusive interview revealed great detail about the random choice that brought the first good samaritan to the aid of the little girl who had been abducted and attacked.

Bill Cregg had bought a couple of lottery tickets. He took a different route home. He doesn't know why. Once he saw the injured girl on the side of the road he immediately reached out to help her. "I wasn't leaving her side," said Cregg. "I stayed with her. I comforted her."

He also comforted the Liverpool librarian who had been viciously stabbed. He could not save her life. "Lori continued to fight for the little girl until she knew she was safe," said Bill Cregg.

It is redemptive to know on a night when such a terrible act was committed that the goodness of man also came shining through in a military veteran who acted in a way that should make our community proud.

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