Baby Levon is missing from Utica: Matt's Memo

Levon Wameling, 9 months old.

Who among us can understand how something terrible can happen to a child? Neighbors in Utica want to know who is responsible for the disappearance of 9-month-old Levon Wameling. Levon's mother Amy also wants to know. She desperately begged the public for help last night with passion only a mother could muster.

Her plea was brief, but compelling in her choice of words. She encouraged people to come forward with information about Levon and his father Jevon Wameling. Amy said, "do not be afraid." She also told us even if her boy is dead she needs to know what happened.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams finally said last night what the community had been thinking. He does not believe the story the father is telling. He does not find it plausible that the father left the nine month old on the front doorstep of the house as he checked the back door to see if it was open. The father claimed the baby was gone when he returned to the front of the house moments later. Investigators don't believe him.

They also do not know what happened. They have used helicopters, search dogs and neighborhood canvasses hoping for a piece of evidence that leads them to Levon.

The evidence must exist. A witness must know something. The father himself must have information that would help a mother, a community and a police force answer the question: how did something terrible happen to this child.

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