Big East Mid-Season Report

So here's the state of the Big East as I see it. Think of it as a very early Bubble Watch/ Bracketology rant. The conference can basically be dived into four tiers at this point. (maybe five - more on that later) Tier 1 - Final Four potential Syracuse - If you're reading this, you know how good they are. Villanova - 'Nova is ridiculously good and may not have SU's full potential but could be even more consistent than the Orange. West Virginia - They may be the scariest, and most overrated team in college basketball. Think about it - it does make sense. Of the five teams in this tier, WVU is clearly the weakest. Pittsburgh - If it wasn't for the loss to Indiana (RPI in the 200s) I'd be a lot higher on Pitt. The next two weeks will tell us a lot about them. Georgetown - They're good...but memories of last year's meltdown are still pretty fresh. Tier 2 - Not an elite team but have a good to fair chance of making the tournament. UConn - It's a rebuilding year for UConn but even a rebuilding Huskies program is good for a 4 - 6 seed in the tournament. Louisville - I can;t figure this team out. They aren't an elite team but look like they could become one. I'd predict their tournament seed if I wasn't 100% sure I'd be wrong. Tier 3 - Shaky but still somewhat solid. (AKA: "The Jell-o Tier") St. John's - Good RPI but need to win some conference games. Still in the tournament conversation if they can win some games. Notre Dame - Not as good as their record. An awful strength of schedule could come back to haunt them on selection sunday. Providence - Need to get some RPI boosting wins if they want to get serous tournament consideration. In a related story, this team is awful. Cincinnati - I haven't seen much of them but they seemed to have mastered the art of major conference mediocrity. Blah. Marquette - They're better than some people thought they would be but I still see the NIT in their future. Seton Hall - I like the Hall. They're tough, scrappy and can score on anybody. If they can ever learn how to win maybe they'll be relevant. Tier 4 - "The Towering Inferno" South Florida - Might be the best of the really, really bad teams. Does that qualify as a backhanded compliment? Rutgers - Fred Hill should call it a day. When former player JR Inman's anger and hate filled rant (google it) also makes a solid case for your removal as head coach, you know things are bad. Depaul - How do you recruit if you're a Depaul assistant? "We'll probably never make the NCAA Tournament but the first round games from the Big East tournament are broadcast on the internet! That's cool right?"