Blue shorts and a sixth man cost the Orange: Matt's Memo


oach Jim Boeheim is paid handsomely for coaching the Syracuse Orange to lofty rankings. The Hall of Famer carries great weight in the basketball world. He is a valued member and leader of the Central New York Community. So, how is it he can allow his team to be forced into wearing navy blue shorts with orange vintage tops.

There is little question tonight those shorts cost the team a shot at an undefeated season. The team just didn't look right as it battled a sharp shooting scrappy Boston College squad into overtime.

In addition to the uniform issue there was some karma on the side of the Eagles. B.C. Coach Steve Donahue made his mark in coaching down the road in Ithaca at Cornell University. Donahue was wearing a D.K. emblem pinned to his shirt. That was in memory of Dick Kelley. The beloved Sports Information Director at Boston College who passed away this week after battling A.L.S.

Kelley's passing made for an emotional week for the Boston College Athletics Department. This win gives them a much needed lift in a season where the basketball team has struggled to win games.

So we can talk game planning, execution and defense or offense, but sometimes it's not only the basketball strategy that influences the outcome of competition. If you don't buy into B.C.'s sixth man all you have to do is look at the blue shorts on a team called the Orange.


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