Bon Jovi enjoyed Hamptons, skipped Syracuse: Matt's Memo

Bon Jovi in the center, violinist Lorenza Ponce on the right.

The Grandstand stage at the New York State Fair sat dark tonight. The quiet likely cost the fair 15,000 visitors making it the weakest attendance turnout of the 2013 run thus far. Tomorrow night the seats will be filled to enjoy hot country star Luke Bryan. Tonight was the night where Jon Bon Jovi were nearly booked, but instead favored playing a private reception in the Hamptons to raise money for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Tickets to a Grandstand show typically cost $35 to $65. Tickets to Bon Jovi in a tony Hamptons backyard cost $5,000 or $10,000 or even $25,000. That's the high price of politics.

Bon Jovi went acoustic for the governor and his wealthy Democratic friends. His three piece group included awesome violinist Lorenza Ponce. She Facebooked later say the show was "super fun!" The trio played Bon Jovi hits "Livin' on a Prayer", "Wanted" and "Who Says?". They covered "Here Comes the Sun". reported on the pulling of the plug on the Bon Jovi Fair show so it would not appear as a pay out to Bon Jovi for his political support. The Fair has not offered an official confirmation on why the deal did not get done.

We do know the Hamptons benefit was Sunday night. Bon Jovi's official schedule shows no other performances this week that would have conflicted with his band rocking with State Fair fans and giving the grandstand another signature event for 2013.

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