Children start self-medicating at age 11, do yours know what they're doing?

Over the Counter (OTC) drugs can be mis-used, or abused, just as easily as prescriptions. A new effort to teach pre-teens and teens how to handle them responsibly.

A new effort against drug abuse and mis-use:

Upstate New York Poison Center is part of a new outreach to parents, to educate their children about over-the-counter --OTC--medications.

Gail Banach, at the Poison Center, says children start to self-medicate around age 11, and this campaign, being organized by Scholastic Magazine and modeled after the FDA's Medicines in My Home program, helps teach safety.

OTC Literacy, the school version is designed to fit into the Core Curriculum, so teachers don't have to 'be creative' about how to fit it into their teaching.

The parent help is online and includes several family-friendly approaches geared to 5th and 6th graders.

To see the outreach presentation, you can also check Upstate New York Poison Center's website, and click on Kid Stuff