Cicero-North Syracuse graduate raising funds for film production on Kickstarter

A Cicero-North Syracuse graduate, 20-year-old Connor Strader, of Cicero, is writing and directing a horror film to be shot and set in Central New York.

The cast and crew is hard at work and they're asking for the communityâ??s help to raise money for the production.

Strader is a film production student at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and has been selected for their Los Angeles internship program for Spring 2014. In LA, Strader will be working as an intern with one of the major Hollywood studios. He hopes to remain on the west coast after his internship.

This summer, Strader is working on a short film entitled â??Black Magicâ??. The film is a horror and fantasy film set in, and shot in, Central New York.

The film tells the story of three friends who embark on a fishing trip one weekend at a remote camp site. There, the friends stumble across the aftermath of a gruesome cult ritual and must decide whether or not to take action or ignore what they have seen.

"The film is simultaneously a story that one could hear around a camp fire late at night, and a social commentary on our society's tendency to ignore the evil that exists in our world, in favor of living in a state of content ignorance," says Strader in media release.

Strader has teamed up with fellow Central New York filmmakers and has been working on the pre-production of the project since December of 2012.

The cast and crew of the short film are comprised of college students, many from Central New York, who are seeking the communityâ??s support in funding the project.

The group has teamed up with to try to raise $2,500 for the project. The Kickstarter page was launched on May 20th, and runs through June 19th. Just over 50% of the proposed $2,500 has been funded. There is just over a week left for the group to reach their goal. The group must reach their full goal in order to receive the funds, otherwise they receive none.

"People who donate to the project will be rewarded with tangible rewards, and the experience of having been a part of the creative process. Without outside assistance, this film is not possible," Strader added.

For more information on the project, or to donate to the project, please visit the group's Kickstarter page.

Cast and Crew:

Written and Directed by: Connor Strader (Cicero-North Syracuse graduate)

Executive Producer: Eric Centner (Cicero-North Syracuse graduate)

Director of Photography: Jared Morales (Cicero-North Syracuse graduate

Assistant Director: Anthony Phillips (East-Syracuse Minoa graduate)


Chris Mauro as Todd

Matt Combs as Harry

Connor Strader as Vance

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