Corner of State and Main in Herkimer: Matt's Memo

The Empire Diner sits across the street from Collis Hardware right at the corner of State and Main. The scene appears stripped from a Hollywood back lot. The violent drama that unfolded just down the block proved worthy of a screenplay.

Inside the old Herkimer Motel Kurt Myers had made it through the night alive. Just after sunrise heavily fortified police forces entered the building. The K9 named Ape sniffed out Myers hiding in a closet. Myers shot the dog. Police shot Myers. The 19 hour standoff ended.

In a movie that's where the credits roll. In real life six families and their community are left wondering why did Myers wake up Wednesday morning and decide to shoot his neighbors. Top state and federal investigators admit they do not know why. They can't find anyone close enough to Myers to gain understanding about his desire to take lives and jeopardize his own.

People I talked with while the standoff continued stood in disbelief that their community might now be mentioned in the same breath as Newtown or Aurora. Surely each tragedy is different, but all are sad.

On that very long day of March 13th and is turned into March 14th Herkimer and its neighbors felt fear and grief. Now that emotion turns to sorrow over a loss far more real than anything a Hollywood director could offer.


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