Doppler Muses About Rain

Hello Everyone!

Hope you TMve been enjoying your summer. I TMve been having a grand old time here at the station looking out lobby windows at all the pretty birds and squirrels. There is much change going on in my world with new people coming through the station doors but I TMm always being petted and loved so that doesn TMt concern me.

The Weather Deck Party was very good from what I hear and all the folks enjoyed a great time mingling and having excellent food and beverages. I didn TMt spend much time out there due to the rain, and well, Doppler, he doesn TMt like the rain. So I chilled out in my office and started working on my next blog| And here it is!

Even though I don't enjoy being out in the rain I certainly enjoy meditating and relaxing to the calm sounds of nature. Take time to enjoy your surroundings and be nice to each other and always, always find the good in everything.

Be sure to check out all our news and community events on I'll be back next week for more interesting updates and photos from me!



Here I am "meditating". :-)

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