E-waste recycled: Matt's Memo

Pile of e-waste.

The vans, SUV's and cars will line up with hatchbacks up and trunks open. The vehicles will be loaded with televisions, computer towers and monitors. Most of them will still be in working order, but there time has passed. Saturday morning the community gets a chance to drop off e-waste, free of charge, in the parking lots of Destiny USA.

Our CNYCentral staff is teaming up with Maven Technologies to offer a chance for households to unload the obsolete. Printers, keyboards and cell phones are among the items on the list of accepted e-waste. The weather even looks like it will cooperate for volunteers who will help with the unloading.

The importance of days like this struck me today when I took a walk through Best Buy. All I saw was flatscreen televisions, tablet devices, slick shiny phones. Small, portable and efficient electronics that are changing the way we get information and entertainment. All these newer pieces are pushing the old out the door.

Those aging electronics may still work, but are no longer in fashion. They are made up of chemicals, metals and minerals that don't blend well in our waste streams. They are filled with recyclable material. The rest must be disposed of properly.

Take advantage of this free e-waste day Saturday. It's the right way to unload what you no longer need.


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