Eleven years after 9/11: Matt's Memo

Looking south from the village toward Lower Manhattan.

The lights are on in Lower Manhattan tonight. The uplifting reminder of the darkest of days for America. We are now nearly a half generation removed from the terrorist attacks on New York, the Pentagon and the ill fated flight that crashed in western Pennsylvania. I think it has been the right move to avoid turning 9/11 into a national holiday.

We already have days with waning meaning that have survived from generations since passed. The days that mark our seasons now like Memorial Day and Labor Day. They have roots in great history, but have become a chance to escape work and take a long weekend.

September 11th is too fresh to turn into a barbecue holiday. It deserves better. The solemn remembrances continue. I like the idea of volunteering and helping your community on or around that day. I'll be doing that on Sunday with our Healthy Pet Clinics. We can all pick a way to pitch in - and to take a moment to quietly remember those whose lives were lost and the family and friends left behind.

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