Fast food is slowing down: Matt's Memo

Fast food dining choices can be made on a moments notice. Hunger strikes and combines with opportunity. You're on the go and you see the Golden Arches or the Taco Bell Sombrero. Squeezed on time you you think drive-thru. Yet as it turns out drive-thru's are not quite as fast as they used to be.

A new study shows all the big name fast food restaurants, except Burger King, are getting slower not faster. More complex menus are partly to blame. There is also the greatly improved drive-thru accuracy that keeps waiting times from reaching light speed. After all, who wants to be rushed through the line only to fine the wrong items in the bag.

QSR along with Insula Research has been publishing its study of fast food drive-thru comparisons for the last 14 years.

Anyone doing business in the world of fast food franchises already knows about this magazine and they data it collects. It is fascinating to see the factors that effect the choices we make. Better landscaping and appearance of the drive-thru area improves the customer experience. So do orders that are accurate that bring you hot and fresh food.

These links to some of the depth of QSR's study give you more detail to compare one franchise to another.

This list of factors are all measured and monitored by the industry. The Order Confirmation Boards, the pre-sell suggestions and even the way the lawn is mowed all play a role in your quick decision on whether to partake in a fast food meal. There's a lot at stake. Store owners say up to 70 percent of all their business comes from the drive-thru lane or lanes.

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