Giving Tuesday success: Matt's Memo

Giving Tuesday has come to an end for 2013. But, it's future is bright for creating an antithesis to the commercially driven holiday retail season. The movement is less than three years old. It started at the 92nd Street Y in New York City and blew up into an event embraced by not-for-profits across the country. Corporations looking to feel good about more than year end profits are also taking notice.

The Central New York Community Foundation deserves credit for elevating awareness about the concept across Central New York. CNYCF posted a $5000 grant for the non-profit that generated the most votes or posts by supporters on the foundation's Facebook page and through Twitter. Peter Dunn heads the foundation. His effort created a buzz among supporters for agencies and groups that serve our community in many ways.

The day worked on many levels. One group will walk away with the $5000 grant. Dozens of others are measuring the enthusiasm of volunteers and supporters. We have to hope that some of these social media signs of hashtag support will get people thinking about year end donations. And in the bigger picture a day called #GivingTuesday does change our focus from commercialism to philanthropy.

Some of the great minds in the not-for-profit world have assembled a list of ways 501c3's can utilize Giving Tuesday to develop new avenues. It's not too soon to start talking about Giving Tuesday 2014. The one out of several hundred odds of winning that $5000 grant may make community leaders realize they should focus the energy of their donors and volunteers on other fundraising mechanisms under the Giving Tuesday umbrella.

Next year will come quickly. In the short term... what are we going to call Wednesday?

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