Indoor Triathlon is part of support for Alzheimers caregivers

An indoor triathlon is set for April 7 in Liverpool, a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease, not only for the sufferer but also for caregivers. The advice, from Alzheimer's Association associate Grant Fletcher, to get around the frustration of failing memories and health, is to concentrate on 'the moment' and not cloud the present with expectations.

The Syracuse area Alzheimer's Association is planning a fundraiser, the Indoor Warrior Triathlon, aimed at promoting mind and body health, and according to Fletcher, to give some respite to caregivers through healthy activity. It's a reverse event: instead of a set distance in the fastest time, the April 7 indoor event at Gold's Gym in Liverpool looks for the most accomplished in a set time: 10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes of stationary biking, and 20 minutes of running on an indoor track.

The event may become an annual fundraiser for Alzheimer's in Central NY, and Fletcher says if it's successful, it may also be the model for the organization nationwide.