It's National Safe Boating Week, are you set for a safe season?

It's almost the 'official' start of the summer boating season. Check our quick video to ensure you're ready for a safe and environmentally clean season

If you're a boater, you should be ready to go before you actually launch.

We have a quick video with information, from Sunday's Weekend Today in Central NY, with Dave White. Or, check the tips below, or with NY Sea Grant.

1. Wear It! Make sure all passengers are wearing a US Coast-Guard approved life jacket. A throwable floatation device is also required for boats more than 16 feet long.

2. Conduct a Clean, Drain, Dry inspection of your watercraft, trailer and gear to remove aquatic invasive species and debris each time you enter and leave new water.

3. Check that the safety features of your boat trailer are in proper working order before use in the spring and throughout the boating season.

4. Depending upon your age, be sure you have the proper boating safety certification. New regulations took effect in New York State May 1, 2014.

5. Check expiration date/s of onboard fire extinguisher/s and flares. Be sure you have the correct number of extinguishers aboard per US Coast Guard regulations. Store flares and distress signals in dry compartment.

6. Use a fuel nozzle bib and bilge sock to keep fuel from spilling into the water.

7. Make sure all vessel lights are working and flashlights have fresh batteries.

8. Have a proper device onboard to receive weather alerts.

9. Check to be sure you have the proper navigational charts onboard.

10. Check that the boat horn, whistles, and other means of sounding distress are in working order.