Laura cooks at the Fair

This was my grandmother's cookbook--still in use!

Every year, I'm invited to do a cooking demonstration in the Art & Home Center.

The dish has to be done in a half hour, which is a chance to show off an easy, but 'homecooked' meal.

My cooking is based heavily on my grandmother's 1930's cookbook, La Cucina Triestina (my mother is from Trieste--east of Venice on the Adriatic Sea, and I spent summers there, growing up). The recipes have been adapted to our more modern thinking about cholesterol and calories!

If you know the German Rouladen or the Southern Italian Braciola (brazhol)--this is a variation.


(Meat Roll-ups, Italian Style)

For each: 1 piece of Top Round, 5â??x2â??, about 1/8â?? thick

Roll up and secure with toothpick (count how many, so you pull them all out before you serve!

Brown in butter, add a bit of beef broth, if needed

Put on a plate to drain

In the same pan, add in 1 tbsp flour and more broth to thicken

Add in tomato sauce

Add in meat to simmer

Serve over â??starchâ??: pasta (not just spaghetti), or potatoes or polenta


{>}Spinach (wilted in microwave with a bit of garlic salt)

{>}Meatball mix (Saute first!)


{>}sprinkle inside of roll with a bit of nutmeg

{>}or, wrap in bacon

Be creative, if you like a filling, try it!

Substitutions: you can use the frozen 'minute steaks'--thaw to be able to roll

you can use stovetop stuffing as the filling

The 'trick' is to use a variation every time, so it's not the same old meal