Matt's Memo: 30 Rock role for Central New York girl

Her fast paced life takes her back and forth from pastoral Lee Center to the bright lights of New York City. Her classmates read about her in the newspaper. She auditions for jobs in commercials, movies and network television shows. One of those auditions really hit the mark for 7-year-old Hayley Heffernan. She recently wrapped a shoot on NBC's hit comedy 30 Rock. Sounds like a big deal, right? Not to Hayley. Her real goal is to star in a Webkinz commercial.

Hayley stopped by our television station today to talk about her 30 Rock experience. She brought her mom, Kelly, and her brother, Sam. Show biz is a family experience in the Heffernan household. They all went to the beauty salon before arrival. Hayley said it hurt when they curled her hair. Sam had some extra gel working. They are two enjoyable, happy children apparently unaffected by their early life brush with being in front of the camera.

In New York Hayley got her own dressing room for her 30 Rock shoot. She was the 6-year-old version of the character Jenna played by stage and small screen star Jane Krakowski. Haley lip sync's a dance routine to Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on". Hayley never heard of the song before. She still nailed it. Kelly, the proud mother, told me everyone on the set applauded after they wrapped her segment. What Hayley remembers most is the blood makeup that put on her feet. Part of the young Jenna bit includes wearing shoes too tight. So tight they made the character's feet bleed.

After we chatted I showed the Heffernan's around the studio. Hayley and Sam made themselves comfortable in our news anchor chairs. They were thoroughly unimpressed by their surroundings which is a wonderful characteristic to avoid stage fright when the bright lights come on. They were more excited about showing me their Webkinz log on on our lap to on the set.

Maybe that Webkinz commercial will come around one day. Tune in to NBC 3 tonight for the full interview with our local star of 30 Rock.

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