Matt's Memo: Jenna Hinman passes away, Alpha and Omega

Jenna Hinman with Azlynn and Kinleigh.

Azlynn and Kinleigh must forever know they are the Alpha and Omega to their loving mother Jenna Hinman. Just as she is to them. Her family shared the news tonight that this 26 year old lovely wife and mother passed away after a two month battle with the rarest of cancers.

In early March Jenna was 30 weeks pregnant when she suddenly could not breathe. She screamed as her husband Sgt. Brandon Hinman dialed 911. Doctors performed an emergency C-section to save the twin girls. Her lungs were filled with tumors. She had a rare form of cancer call Choriocarcinoma.

The dedicated staff at the neonatal intensive care unit at Crouse Hospital provided their everyday miracle by nursing Azlynn and Kinleigh to breathe on their own, to take nourishment and ultimately find enough strength to go home. But, home was not with their mother. It was instead with their grandparents.

Jenna remained at Crouse receiving such an aggressive form of chemotherapy her only chance to live was to be placed into a coma and allow machines to handle her breathing. Her soldier husband received leave from the Army to remain by the side of his young wife and preemie twin girls.

On occasion he mustered the courage to do interviews about the greatest of challenges a new husband and father could face. His smile radiated just as Jenna's did in their wedding photos and those taken as she started to show. The community embraced the family. That community grew and grew.

It started in Port Byron and Fort Drum. It connected through Syracuse and Crouse Hospital. Prayers for Jenna on Facebook and stories on television and online made the Hinman's plight everyone's concern. That empathetic community pitched in with fund

raisers, with meals and with prayers.

If the power of prayer and love were enough to beat all odds this would have been the case. Jenna had everyone on her side. Just as that greater community cared for her we also embraced Azlynn and Kinleigh as if they were our own.

One life lost so two could be created. The Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end.


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