Matt's Memo: Routine stop, stops serial rapist

Robert Blainey, convicted rapist no longer free.

Routine police work is never routine. How about the officer in Pennsylvania today who pulled over a black Toyota Solara for a traffic infraction. He checked the plate. Turns out it was the car owned by the owner of a hotel in Utica who had been found murdered a few days ago. Not only did he find the car, but the man driving it was even more significant. It was Robert Blainey.

The name may not be immediately familiar unless your in charge of a school in Oneida County or a police force near Utica or a U.S. Marshall searching for a wanted serial rapist. That's what Blainey is. He was convicted twice of rape. One of the times was a little girl. The other time he committed the crime while on parole after being released from the first conviction.

That's why law enforcement was worried in the days leading up to Halloween. Police put out a special alert out because of concern for this particular sex offender. Then the body of the owner of the Davis Motel in Utica. It took a few days before police called it a homicide. Her black Toyota Solara was missing. It did not occur to me at the time, but now I wonder did detectives suspect Blainey for her murder before he was caught.

We may find that out soon. Utica Police took a ride to Pennsylvania tonight to meet Blainey. There are plenty of reasons to hold him without a new charge of murder or whatever else might come from the death of the motel owner. You never know when routine might become so much more.

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