Matt's Memo: Soulshine Sunshine

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.

The Big Dipper kept watch over the south side of the exposed beam lodge. The Full Thunder Moon stood guard from the north over the glistening waters of Colcord Pond. The embers of the fire pit glowed while the melodies and chords of the acoustic set lingered in the midnight air. We were together again in the White Mountain woods of Maine.

Soon we would all call it a night. Every spot where someone could sleep was used to the fullest. Sleeping bags on hardwoods, blankets on air mattresses. Children and teens tucked into corners. The adults cuddled in singles, doubles and pull outs. The bond that started by sharing a dorm and a house at Ithaca College continued in those restful moments where sweet dreams begin.

The evening included a feast on a table long enough for fifteen. Grilled vegetables, shrimp and beef came fresh off the grill as our generous hosts Andy and Kathy prepared the meal. The rest of us pitched in where we could. The kids setting the table. Adults opening wine bottles and serving Gazpacho. As soon as the meal had ended, the clean up transitioned into a fiery game of twilight Whiffle ball.

The young challenged the old. Kyle, Brad, Maddie, Georgia, Daniel, Jenna and Jake felt assured they could beat Matt, Jamie, Andy, Kathy, Larry, Liz, Kevin and Sarah. They underestimated the desire of 40 somethings to seize victory from a group of teens and pre-teens. We took no mercy and took home the Whiffle ball title.

Earlier in the day the same competitive spirit emerged on a makeshift Bocce court and on the lake as skiers fought the resistance of the water and time to again feel the elation of skimming across the surface at a speed only matched by the racing clock of a weekend we TMd rather not see end.

We share the hellos and hugs that come with getting reacquainted. We share the laughs over stories old and new. We share our wonder at the Lake Winnipesaukee sunset and the cooling water of Colcord Pond. We catch up on the children, the jobs and the memories. Then we take time to create some more.

The joy begins in the anticipation of a weekend away and does not disappoint. The Saturday morning kayaking on a pond so still the dragonflies seem to walk on water. The songs around the fire at night. Andy on guitar, my stolen lyrics in hand, plus help from our anointed backup singers.

Under the glow of that Full Thunder Moon and that glistening Big Dipper we sang Soulshine. It TMs about coming home to a comfortable, grounded place, and finding joy and peace in moments like our reunion at Colcord Pond.

Let your soulshine, better than sunshine, better than moonshine and damn sure better than rain. " Warren Haynes

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