Matt's Memo: Two fathers, two heroes

Ginny Van Marter Gaudet with one month old daughter Addyson.

She cradled her one month old swaddled in a pink blanket. Addyson slept peacefully next to the sparkling ring of a newlywed. Ginny Van Marter Gaudet told the story of Addyson TMs father rushing home from the war in Afghanistan on Mother TMs Day weekend. He barely made it in time to lend a hand with her birth.

Chief Warrant Officer Brad Gaudet experienced the most unique moment of life " watching new life enter this world. He held Addyson. He felt the softest of skin and her warmth against him. He breathed in her scent, that unmistakable new baby smell. Then he packed that visceral scrapbook into his Army duffel bag and returned to war.

Just short of Addyson TMs first month on earth Army officers called on the Van Marter home in Liverpool. Addyson TMs daddy died in a helicopter crash in the Khost province of Afghanistan. He took all those memories of her with him.

Before the gut wrenching grief had settled in the home of one hero, another was responding to a call of a domestic violence standoff in the Oneida County hamlet of Knoxboro. Sheriff TMs Deputy Kurt Wyman spent hours on alert working toward a peaceful conclusion when the man in the house suddenly fired his shotgun.

The round struck Deputy Wyman. The terrible news sent his young wife Lauren into labor. Kurt Wyman was not only a deputy, but also a United States Marine: a man who served and protected his fellow citizens at every turn. Already a father to his year and a half old son " he surely looked forward to the birth of his little girl.

The deputy did not survive the gunfire. Lauren somehow found the strength to deliver her newborn baby girl. She named her Adyson. Lauren TMs husband is gone, never getting the chance to take in all that comes with the arrival of a newborn, and everything else that will make up her life.

Such great sacrifice for two families and two little girls with a bond. They bring joy where there is tragedy.

Two Addyson TMs. Two fathers. Two heroes.

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