Matt's Memo: Utica's Pit Bull in the Frigid Cold

Utica's Pit Bull who was left in the frigid cold.

We sent out the warnings on our Sunday night news. Temperatures were going to drop well below zero. 15 to 20 below was very likely for many areas. We alerted people of the importance of properly caring for your pets in this type of weather. They can no longer stand being out in the frigid cold than we can. Sadly, we awoke this morning to find one dog owner did not listen or apparently care.

Utica Police got a call from a neighbor who lives a short ways from the Saranac/Utica Club brewery. She heard a dog crying in the pre-dawn hours. Police found the dog chained to a picnic table outside a neighborhood bar. Police found a three year old pit bull. He was frozen, icy and injured. Temperatures were near record level. Thank goodness for the phone call or else the dog would have died.

The Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County is caring for the pit bull. You can reach them by clicking on the link or calling (315) 738-4357. They've already received requests from people willing to adopt the dog if he comes around. They are also accepting donations to assist with his care. As of tonight he seems to be improving. He's more interested in eating, but also suffers from previous abuse and neglect.

This type of case underscores the need for the work of the Shamrock Animal Fund. We do not yet know whether this pit bull will need our assistance, but we do know about the dozens of contacts we have had with people with animals in need in the last year. In some cases the assistance the Shamrock Animal Fund has kept the animal from being euthanized. Sometimes a little bit of help has kept an animal in a warm home instead of a worse situation.

Keep an eye out for animals in need during this worst of winter weather we're experiencing. And also keep an eye out for the animal owners in need. Let's hope police can figure out who left this dog to freeze in the cold.

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