Missing persons cases: Matt's Memo

Nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to people reported missing. We know that children are abducted and killed. We know women are kidnapped and abused. We even know some of the victims end up as survivors. That can happen days, weeks, months or years later. Just look at what was revealed in Cleveland, Ohio tonight.

Somehow ten years after being kidnappend Amanda Berry freed herself from the house where she had been kept. In her ecstatic, relieved and frightened 911 phone call she begs for police to come before the homeowner name Ariel Castro returns home. Tonight police say Castro's two brothers are all under arrest.

Three men arrested. Three women held captive. There may be a child too. A horrifying nightmare comes to a close in Cleveland. It brings back memories of missing person cases in our own backyard.

Names like Jimmy Bernardo and Sara Anne Wood. Abductions that turned into cases of murder where the responbility ultimately fell at the feet of Lewis Lent. Those periods of abduction were relatively short before the children were killed.

There was the Dewitt dungeon run by John Jamelske. He took young women and girls into his backyard dungeon where he kep them under lock and key in squalor. He had his way with the women and ultimately would set them free when he was ready. The final 16 year old summoned the courage to call for help during a trip to a bottle redemption business which she visited with her abductor.

We must credit the families of the women in Cleveland and all the others who never lose hope their son or daughter is still alive somewhere. There is no ending that should surprise a community. Police should remain open to all possibilities.

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