Mother Marianne and Christmas: Matt's Memo

Andy Wolf, Matt Mulcahy and Dave Fulkerson at St. Peter's Square.

It's hard to believe it is two months ago today that we stood in St. Peter's Square bearing witness to the Canonization of Mother Marianne Cope. The warm fall sun of Rome baked the 100,000 strong who filled the Square for a chance to see Pope Benedict XVI offer his blessing to the seven new saints. It was a remarkable event.

Just last night while doing some Christmas shopping I ran into a couple of the priests who were with us on the trip to Italy. We were all excited to say hello. They quickly shared their pleasure with the way our special "A Saint for Central New York" turned out. It was rewarding to hear their positive words. After all nine months of work went into the final product that included several weeks of editing once returning from Rome and Assisi.

I bring all of this up as I invite you to watch the special for an encore presentation on Christmas Day. You can watch on NBC 3 at 6:00 pm or CBS 5 at 5 pm on Tuesday, December 25th. You can catch it live or set the DVR. You can also catch the program early on Christmas morning too. Check the link below for those times.

Saint Marianne's life was truly exemplary and inspirational. You may find the uplifting story adds a new dimension to your Christmas experience.

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