Neighboring prosecutor calls search for Levon a homicide investigation: Matt's Memo

9 month old Levon Wameling of Utica.

Neighbors, relatives and friends packed Jay Street in Utica holding vigil to let the community know their concern over the missing nine month old Levon Wameling. Those closest to the child seem to sway back and for between expressing optimism that Levon is still alive and the pessimistic or realistic alternative. Even Levon's mother Amy echoes that wavering feeling when she talks about her loss.

Earlier in the evening we heard another point of view chillingly coated with realism. Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick called the case a homicide investigation. Fitzpatrick had visited our studio for his monthly appearance.

He complimented Oneida County District Attoreny Scott McNamara for keeping the investigation moving foward while they wait for Levon to be found. Yet, Fitzpatrick did not hesitate to say the investigation is proceeding as if it is a homicide where they are building toward the little girl's body to be found.

This highly respected prosecutor acknowledged his personal hope to see Levon alive and well. But, having survived some 30 years as a prosecutor Fitzpatrick knows this ending is not likely to be a reunion filled with joy. It is rather likely to be filled with sadness.

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