New Catholic Schools Superintendent in Syracuse Diocese

Syracuse Catholic Schools' new superintendens says his classrooms offer a 'different setting' that helps with the education of a child. Bill Crist, the former Oswego Schools superintendent, is new to running parochial schools for the Syracuse Diocese

New Catholic Schools Superintendent Bill Crist is just getting settled in his new job, but is already sharing his vision for the 22 schools he oversees.

'It is a different setting,' he says of parochial school classrooms. Crist points out that his schools do not tie teacher evaluations to school test results, and as a resullt, he says, the learning environment is calmer and easier for children to fit into.

Crist says diocesan schools--in a geographic area from the Canadian to the Pennsylvania border, must comply with some Common Core requirements, because graduates get NY State diplomas, but he expects a hard look at testing requirements in the coming year, and Catholic Schools already do not add testing results into teacher evaluations. He is hopeful that parental concerns will result in more students coming to Catholic schools for their education.

Crist points out that on all grade levels, parental involvement is stressed, which also adds to a positive educational environment.

Th new superintendent, who ran Oswego City Schools for 12 years, says diocesan enrollment is stable for now, and he has no plans to close an schools this year.

He says the parochial schools are in 'pretty good shape' right now.