New York's Time Square could have been next: Matt's Memo

Taxi's beeped their horns. Tourists snapped iPhone photos. Vendors on every corner hawked cheaply made souvenior t-shirts. The electronic billboards stretched several stories into the sky. Times Square was filled with its typical afternoon activity on Monday, April 15th.

At the moment the Boston bombers attacked I walked through midtown Manhattan's most recognizable crossroads. Over the next few hours the presence of the NYPD became more apparent. A helicopter hovered overhead. Bag searches began in subway entrances. Who know what other precautions were taken that were far less obviouis.

On that day, we wondered if there would be a second strike. Today we learned the Tsarnaev brothers considered a New York City explosion after getting away with the Boston bombing. New York City authorities say the interrogation of Dzhokhar revealed a spontaneously conceived second phase that might have been pulled off later in the week if police had not caught up with the brothers in Watertown.

We know a Times Square bomber was stopped a while back when his IED did not act quite as he thought it would. NYPD acknowledged their uncertainty in their absolute ability to stop such an attack in a high visibility public location.

Thankfully the suspected bombers were stopped before more damage was done.


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