News anchor strikes back at bully: Matt's Memo

Jennifer Livingston.

We get harsh criticisms in our e-mail Inbox nearly every day. If they don't reach us there they get posted on our CNYcentral Facebook page or as comments on Most of the critiques and suggestions are helpful and welcome, but there are a certain number of posts that are just simply insulting. They appear to be written and sent as if the sender has not considered that the person being assaulted might actually read the post.

It is more often than not the women on our air waves that are most often included in the insults. Viewers comment on their hair, their clothes, their make up, their voice and any other personal quality that can be torn apart and shredded. We attempt to respond to virtually every comment that is made whether good or bad, positive or negative. Many times when the offender receives a direct response from the person he or she insulted they soften their position and back off a bit.

This is all back drop to praise Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston. She boldly took to the air this week to firmly respond to an e-mailer who told her she was setting a bad example for the children in Lacrosse, Wisconsin because she is obese. Jennifer decided to stand up to this bully. She wanted her community to know it's not alright to call people fat or obese in an attempt to make them feel less of a person than they are. She also wanted to emphasize the critical role adults play in setting an example for children about how they should treat others.

Congratulations to Jennifer and her television station for striking back in a highly professional manner. She held her head high and created a lesson that has spread throughout the country and around the world.

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