Oscar attractions: Matt's Memo

Danile Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln.

The Oscars got the jump on the award season Thursday morning by announcing their nominees. It got me thinking of all the awards that are out there in the world of entertainment this is the grand daddy. The film industry could do without the Golden Globes or the People's Choice Awards or the Stage Guild Awards. It could not do without the Academy Awards.

Who really knows how the films get selected. One could guess the process is wraught with flaws and politics. But, the come along with a terrific statue, decades of tradition and a ton of worldwide attention. There is a sense of validation for those of us who have seen some of the films. It affirms the moviegoers decision to go to the theatre to pay for the ten dollar ticket and the randomly over priced bucket of popcorn.

There also is a clear correlation between Oscar nomination and box office resurgence. A nomination or two or three or five boosts a movie that had begun to fade or in some cases never made it into wide release.

The awards are handed out on February 24th in a ceremony that always lasts too long and features praised and gratitude for too many agents and managers. That big night does celebrate creativity, entertainment and innovation. I look forward to watching and trying to catch a few more of the films in the next several weeks.

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