Quick draw on gun control in New York: Matt's Memo

Just a few years ago New York State government was best known for consistently failing to pass an ontime budget. Year after year the governor and the legislative leadership could not reach terms by the April deadline. That legislature would have been shocked to hear Albany could turn around gun control legislation in less than a week from governor's wish to signing the bill.

It is remarkable how tragedy can motivate politicians to pass legislation. Much of America has agreed that something needed to be done in the wake of Newtown. Tougher laws on semi-automatic weapons, multi-round clips of ammunition and background checks have been welcomed. In New York State a rare case of bipartisan support across the Senate and Assembly was another indicator of the urgent will to act.

Gun rights advocates are concerned and even angry about the diminishing of their perceived rights under the 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution. We do not know whether these tougher laws will stop the next imbalanced young man who considers shooting into a school building or movie theatre. We do know that New York and the Cuomo Administration found a way to quickly get something done. That has become this governor's trademark.

If this same power can be directed to improve our schools, reduce property taxes and lower energy costs for business then New York could quickly be on track to enjoy true status as the Empire State.

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