Remembering Andy Williams: Matt's Memo

Andy Williams.

His voice was as smooth as any I've ever heard. Andy Williams was blessed with a soaring tenor voice that was nearly perfect for the melodic softer popular music of the 1960's and 70's. This handsome accomplished man also had a quality of poise, composure and class in his performance that translated perfectly to the growing medium of live color television. He utilized just enough light humor to bring a smile to the faces of viewers and fans, but also never fancied himself enough of a comedian to over play the jokes.

I grew up in a household where my father played the piano. I still treasure the moments where he plays and I sit next to him and sing along just as we did when my brothers and I were young. Whenever I would see Andy Williams on his television specials or a Jerry Lewis telethon I would be amazed at the unique purity of his voice. I wished I could have matched it in his range and tone. He set such a high standard within his preferred genre of performance.

Another part of the Andy Williams allure at that time was his discovery of the Osmonds as a family of performing brothers. John, Tim and I had our own dance shows in the living room and sang along with Dad on the piano and Mom in the kitchen. I wondered back then whether we might have our chance to be the next Osmonds or later the Jackson 5.

Of course, that did not come to pass, but I always carried a fondness for Andy Williams. The miracle of YouTube allows us to sift through some of those old memories as we remember Andy Williams, dead at the age of 84.

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