Rogers Environmental Center, almost closed by state cuts, now making a comeback

Rogers Environmental Center in Sherburned is making a comeback after big state cuts

After state funding cuts that nearly closed it at the end of 2010, the Rogers Environmental Education Center in Sherburne is coming back.

Volunteers have pulled the nature center through, after the state defunded the center director and four staff members. It is now a not-for profit.

The 600 acre site, which was the state's first environmental education center when it opened back in 1968, has a new executive director and a renewed mission.

Simon Millar Solomon has been hired by Friends of Rogers. It's a homecoming of sorts: he grew up in Sherburne(his father is the band director at a nearby school). Solomon has a background in outdoor recreation, and sports activities supervision.|

The extensive nature trails are open daily, and Solomon says to expect more organized activities and outreach at the center as well.

This coming Friday, March 22, there's a 'Spring Frolic Fundraiser' at Hamilton's Colgate Inn, to benefit the center

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