Sandy Hook heroes and the shooter: Matt's Memo

Adam Lanza's bedroom in home he shared with his mother.

The police said he shot through the glass to get through the locked school door, but seeing the fractured pane brings more clarity. The police said he used a Bushmaster semi-automatic to riddle women and children with bullets, but seeing the weapon brings more disgust. The police said he lived an isolated life in a home with computers and weapons, but seeing the black plastic blocking the daylight brings greater depth to our understanding.

The Sandy Hook Final Report issued by the Connecticut State's Attorney delivered 44 pages of written documentation and a collection of evidentiary photos detailing the life and death of the shooter Adam Lanza. It explains how he waited for his mother to return from a trip before killing her and then driving to the nearby school he attended as a child. That's where he blasted through the security system and started a rapid fire assault on anyone in his way. It turned out to be twenty children and six adults.

Last December when I went ot Newtown to cover the tragedy we were not allowed near enough to the school to get a close look at the way the gunman entered. The released photos get us past the memorial of stuffed Teddy Bears that quickly grew just before Christmas last year.

The photos show the rifle, the handgun and the ammunition, both spent and unspent. The quick actions of the teachers and staff surely saved lives in the school building. School Psychologist Mary Sherlach is specifically named. The SUNY Cortland alumnus ran towards the danger when she heard the initial shots. She sacrificed her life to save others.

The authors of the report admit they still do not know why the shooter decided to carry out his plan at Sandy Hook Elementary. He had attended there as a child, but had no known discrepancy with the school or the people in it. Evidence at his home does indicate an obsession with school shootings. She studied them. He played a video game centered around a school shooting. He even wrote a story as a 5th grader about a shooting at a school.

The report details an extraordinarily isolated life and documented mental health issues. His mother owned the weapons. Believe it or not, she was planning to buy him another gun for Christmas.

There are thousands of pages more that are included in the more exhaustive report that is being kept private for now. They more completely detail how the shooter acted alone and is solely responsible for the deaths of 27 others.

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