Seniors' Mental Health focus of conference in Syracuse

A forum on mental health in seniors, and how much mental health issues cost, is set for this coming week in Syracuse.

On Tuesday morning, people and groups concerned about mental health issues for seniors will be gathering at Syracuse's Crowne Plaza to look at the concerns, the cares, and what needs to be done for the community.

Judith Huober, who heads up IMPARA (run out of Menorah Park) and SUNY Oswego's Active Aging and Community Engagement Center (run out of its Clinton Square Office) says the session will look at how big a problem mental health is, and how it impacts seniors' lives. The hope is to set a baseline on services already available, to look at what needs to be done to improve services and cut costs.

The conference is free, starting at 8:30am--it's open to any interested family members, seniors or professionals, who are concerned about geriatric mental health issues.

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