Seth Myers of SNL hands out broadcaster awards: Matt's Memo

The presentation of awards dripped with irony as the fake and funny newsman handed over the lucite trophies to real news people who were particularly amused that SNL's Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers was bestowing the honor. The hard charging pace of the ceremony staged by the New York State Broadcasters Association created moment after moment where Meyers could have used some juggling skills to keep up with the awards being thrusted on him one after another as the winners came forward tor their brief moment in the metaphorical sun.

The future host of Late Night on NBC seemed to enjoy every moment of the whirl around him at the Sagamore Hotel and Resort on Lake George. Meyers stood for picture after picture. He even jumped into a few selfies that surely had instantly been fed to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This accomplished comedian picked up on the tempo of the night. He zipped through less than ten minutes of headliner material showing gratitude for his own honor of Broadcasters of the Year while nailing the laughs one after another.

He and New York Congressman Peter King were the star honorees of the evening. They both showed remarkable efficiency in saying thank you to the broadcasters of the state.

Our CNYCentral table enjoyed the festivities. We welcome our colleagues from WCNY who shared in our two awards for "A Saint for CNY". TK99's Dave Coombs also joined us at our Syracuse table. He has a closet full of these broadcaster awards.

Congratulations to photographer/editors Andy Wolf and David Fulkerson, producer Jim Aroune, Liz Ayers and everyone associated with our Mother Marianne Cope coverage. Special thanks to Rae Fulkerson and Chris Geiger for getting the project off the ground more than one year ago. Memorable and high quality work capped off by a memorable awards evening.

A day later Seth Meyers just might still be in the lobby with that last guest taking a selfie with an iPhone.

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