Shamrock's Celebration

Shamrock. / Photograph by Matt Mulcahy.

We have nearly reached the two month mark since the passing of our nearly 19 year old poodle named Shamrock. It's still hard to believe he's gone. Walking in the house just isn't the same. In his younger years he would be near the door to greet us. In his older age he would lift his head up from his bed to acknowledge we had returned home. Now his space in the kitchen is empty, but we are working hard to keep his spirit alive.

The reaction to Shamrock's passing has been profound. As I glance up at our bookshelves I see just about as many Shamrock sympathy cards as I did Christmas cards this year. I didn't know they made that many or maybe they don't. Actually, we received a few duplicates. We appreciated them all.

Jamie and I have also heard so many stories of how the loss of a pet has affected others. There's the friend who shared a vivid boyhood memory of joining his father at the vets office when the family dog was put down. There is the business manager of a local veterinary office whose own dogged recently passed away. We have received e-mails, comments and reflections. We've heard all about the connections to the Rainbow Bridge.

Emotions aside we have also worked hard to quickly assemble the beginnings of The Shamrock Animal Fund. We have filed for not-for-profit incorporation in New York State. We are building a board of directors. We have an attorney who is helping. We have an artist who created our new logo. We have a wizard of information technology helping go online.

We have also planned our initial fundraising event. It is set for the evening of Saturday March 20th from 6:30 to 10:30 at PJ's Pub and Grill in Armory Square in Syracuse. Shamrock's Celebration will be held just three days after Shamrock would have turned 19 years old on St. Patrick's Day.

We are collecting generous donations for a silent auction. There will be a carving station with turkey and corned beef. There will be a potato bar. There will be plenty to drink. Shamrock's Celebration will be fun, not stuffy. It will be a cocktail party that never gets to the formal program.

The public is invited. Tickets are payable in advance, $50 per person. The RSVP deadline is March 12th. Make checks out to: Shamrock Animal Fund c/o Matt Mulcahy 1030 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203. You can get more information by e-mailing or calling 477-9451.

We are looking forward to celebrating life and setting the cornerstone for a fund to benefit animals for a long time to come.

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