Shattered innocence, but safe return in North Country child abduction: Matt's Memo

The abduction shattered a sense of innocence, but it could not shake a reserve of faith. Fanny and Delila Miller are back with family tonight in rural Amish Country in Northern New York. We do not yet know what frightening moments the girls endured. We do know they were returned home tonight at about the same time their hometown community gathered together in music and prayer.

The Upstate and Northern New York communities deserve credit for spreading the word about the missing girls. We broadcast the news over all of our television stations, our website, our mobil app and Twitter and Facebook. Then everyone shared it. Over and over and over. It is remarkable how quickly people respond with a click to do their part.

The Amber Alert system also worked. It is used sparingly. That's why it carries so much weight when the alarm does sound that there is a confirmed abduction. Northern New York law enforcement and search crews put everything they had into finding the little girls.

Even with the 12 year old and 7 year old back with family there is still a lingering effect of this crime. Pastor Rusty Bissell of the Cornerstone Wesleyan Church in Heuvelton told me this afternoon this small town is no longer a community where children can ride their bikes anywhere or walk to the nearby playground without fear.

We should all be outraged over the theft of innocence by these men with the worst of intentions, but first let's be thankful the girls are home.


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