Showdown: NBA Style

Before I get to to SU basketball, lacrosse or the yearly shady BCS Bowl season I think this needs mentioning - Yes it's shocking and yes it's weird/ scary but isn't there a little bit of surprise that this hasn't happened before? From the mid to late 90's onward, the NBA has become pretty out there. When Chis "The Birdman will fly" Andersen is considered "fan friendly" and "a sucess story" your league has issues. One of my favorite quotes in the article? "This is unprecedented in the history of sports," Billy Hunter, executive director of the NBA players' association, told the Post. Really? Has Billy Hunter ever heard the words "Pac-Man" and "Jones" used together? Did he read any (and I mean any) recaps of the 2007 NBA All Star Weekend in Las Vegas? Let's take a trip back to those days. For some reason Jason Whitlock's original column from is missing but this page has the text. This article has some similar stuff but scores higher on the unintentional comedy meter - NBA supporters (are there any left?) would say the NFL hasn't been much better and might be worse. Even if that's true, it's no excuse for the crazy Grand Theft Auto: Pro Sports edition antics that we've been seeing. What's next? Will we be moving up to some kind of "Halo" type action? You know what? I'm burned out. Maybe I'll write about SU hoops tomorrow.