Stroke symptom awareness can help save your life

Most people don't recognize stroke symptoms. There's a free downloadable app that can help save your life

May is stroke awareness month, and the Stroke Association has a way for you to recognize symptoms.

Dr. Satish Krishnamurthy, a neurosurgeon practicing in Syracuse, says that knowing the symptoms will make stroke preventable and beatable. Surveys indicate one in three Americans cannot recall any stroke warning signs.

The acronym for recognition is FAST: F stands for face frooping, A is arm weakness, S is speech difficulty and T is time to call 911.

Dr. Krishnamurthy says speed in getting help makes a difference in how well and how quickly recovery happens.

Knowing risks is also a step toward prevention: certain groups, including African-Americans, Mexicans and some Asians have a higher risk, and so do people who are obese or who have chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Exercise and Diet also play a role: excessive salt and sugar in a diet add to risks

There is an app, the Spot A Stroke Fast app, downloadable for free that will help you recognize stroke signs and also let you call 911 quickly. You can look at them here: