Syracuse Police kids get a book on what their parents do at work

Syracuse Police helping their children understand the job

Like many 'businesses,' Syracuse Police stage a Take your Kids to Work day, but unlike most businesses, the children cannot really go along with parents as they do their duty.

This past Monday (June 30th), SPD took over the old ice rink at Burnet Park and set up obstacle courses, equipment displays and more. Chief Frank Fowler swore in the attendees in the morning, and ended the day with a certificate of accomplisment and a copy of the book 'My Dad's a Cop,'

The book by Gary Aumiller, a police and forensic psychologist, is aimed at explaining the job and its pressures to young people, and includes a parents' guide to teaching from the book. Problem is, "My Dad" doesn't apply to many of the children whose mothers work for Syracuse Police.

As Chief Fowler said in making the presentations, that's being fixed: the Lieutenant who organized the day is reaching out to the authors for a women's version that she can share with her daughters and others who want to say their mother's a hero, too.

Aumiller has written a book on women's corrections officers (counterpart to a male version), we'll let you know when the women's police version is available.