The best take out coffee cup: Matt's Memo

Wegmans coffee cup.


ne grasp of the Wegmans 'to go' coffee cup and you realize there is something different. The paper product has weight. It has thickness. The cup is biodegradable, yet sturdy. You can feel the warmth through it, but you don't get scalded.

That is a big change for Wegmans. The highly successful supermarket takes pride in brewing fresh and extremely hot coffee. For years the high temperature forced customers to utilize a cup sleeve or maybe even two. The sleeve is no longer required.

The dense paper cup is just part of the coffee success. The lid is the other. The medium sized coffee cup lid has a wider hole for drinking than several other competitors. While the hole is bigger than Dunkin' Donuts the tab that covers it is smaller. That makes it less noticeable when drinking from the cup.

In the end the quality and flavor of the coffee in the cup is what drives buying decisions. Of course, the price helps too. Wegmans offers a range of coffees from light to dark, flavored to black. They do it by keeping the medium price tag under two dollars a cup. Starbucks could learn a lesson or two on pricing.

It is a winning package that seems to be in a continued phase of development. No surprise considering the forward looking business strategies long employed by Wegmans.

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