The birth of the future king: Matt's Memo

Kate Middleton.

I jumped into the wait for the birth of the next monarch just at the right time. My interest began about an hour before the announcement came. That kept me from having any wait for Kate fatigue. I was fresh and ready when I saw tweets from legitimate royal watchers saying the announcement was coming. Moments later I flipped channels as I heard reporters on NBC, ABC and CNN telling us it was a boy.

It seems the perfect time of year for the western world to celebrate such news. It's summer. Our thoughts are light. We are on vacation or more appropriately called holiday. We get to chat and share about the smiles that come to our face when we hear Queen Elizabeth being called granny as reporters described how William informed the reigning monarch of her one day heir.

It is so much easier to understand the joy that comes to people who get caught up in the royal whirlwind than it is the negativity of those who chastise it. We see the comments on our Facebook pages from the grumpy curmudgeons who think we are leaving more important news on the cutting room floor by instead spreading the word that a baby has arrived.

We all know the Queen or King of England do not bear the power they did a century or two ago. But, they still have wonderful palaces, jewels and a sense of history that is unlike any other in the world.

Enjoy it. And, if you don't stop complaining that others are having a good time wondering what the boy's name will be.

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