The firsts we shared, class reunion: Matt's Memo encore

Matt Mulcahy with Cindy Mullen at the Liverpool High School Senior Ball 1983.

In the run up to the 30th reunion of the Liverpool High School class of '83 several classmates posted the senior yearbook photos. Some dug up old prom or ball pictures. My Senior Ball date Cindy Mullen Renno dusted off our portrait from the big dance at Drumlins Country Club in June of 1983. It really is a dear photo with two genuine smiles. The smiles are far more real than the roses in the background. Thanks to Cindy for bringing back great memories.

Ten days ago I wrote about the bond we share more than 40 years after some of us attended class together for the first time.

This Matt's Memo was first posted on July 16, 2013.

The firsts we have shared. Dropped off at kindergarten. Five years old. Armed with only a name tag with a phone number and address pinned to our shirt. We arrived at places like Morgan Road, Craven Crawford and Nate Perry Elementary. All alone, but all together.

That was the first of many firsts. We tasted our first success and failure in competition. The better grade, the fastest runner, the exceptional reader, the king of kickball or the gifted artist. We discovered our differences and similarities. We learned friendship.

The pace accelerated at middle schools like A.V. Zogg, Soule Road and Liverpool. Adolescence opened brave new worlds of firsts. First kisses, first drinks and first smokes. The drama of who liked who for an instant before moving on to the next. Social changes aside we truly discovered our talents whether on the court, in the classroom or in the band room. Our future course took shape. All together, but all unique.

The universe opened with our arrival at the Annex and the main building of Liverpool High. We broke free from the label of neighborhood as we were dumped into the grand suburban melting pot. Galeville, Forest Hills and Bayberry. The village, Clay and Hopkins Road. The familiarity of home washed away as we sought distinction or found comfort in a group.

The firsts of high school brought greater risk and passion. We achieved. We won. We cheered. Feeling adult while we were still so young. Consequences of actions hit hard with the firsts of high school. Parties, cars and boys and girls ready to explore. All together, on separate paths we discovered our direction.

That's just our first 17 or 18 years together. In the 30 years since, the firsts multiplied exponentially. Our first real jobs, college degrees, marriages, children. We moved away for the first time. Some moved back and others never returned. Our circles widened.

Now we experience firsts of a different kind. First child to graduate from college, first time married for a second time or first day on the fifth career change. There's also first bout with cancer, first time losing a parent and first time wondering about where to retire.

What a 30th reunion is truly about is not all the firsts we've already shared. It's setting the course for the thrill of the firsts yet to come. Rest assured there are many for this group born in 1965. The reunion can be a first day of something grand. Don't forget your name tag - so even if you arrive alone, we are all together.

See a list of who is attending the July 27th reunion at Megan McMurphy's in Liverpool by going to the reunion Facebook page.

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