The perfect night to remember Lori Bresnahan:Matt's Memo

Lori Bresnahan.

"Because I knew you, I have been changed For Good"

We can spend a lifetime wondering what value we bring to the world. It is human to doubt. It is natural to seek an answer to the question why are we here? Do we affect others? Do we make a difference? Do we matter?

"You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart!"

Tragically, an untimely death at an age too young, swiftly brings the answers too all of those questions. In the case of Liverpool librarian Lori Bresnahan everyone who gathered in her name tonight has deeply experienced her kindness, her dedication to others and her selfless sacrifice.

The tranquility of twilight brought comfort on the shore of Onondaga Lake in Lori's hometown of Liverpool. Hundreds gathered. They held candles. They listened to music from Lori's church and her beloved Community Chorus.

It was the lyrics of the uplifting selection from Wicked called "For Good" that reached even deeper into the hearts and souls that were present. Overdue tears for Lori came running out. Her lifetime is over. No one wonders about the value she brought to this world.

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? I do believe I've been changed for the better!"

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