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The Retreat of Liverpool.

Previously on Matt's Memo: I blogged about the demise of the well known "John's Revenge" sandwich at The Retreat in Liverpool. It has been my favorite for more than 25 years. Here's how I describe this calorie rich delight that was recently removed from the menu: "John's Revenge was a Panini before they became popular. John's Revenge was a glorified grilled cheese with a few mouth watering twists. It was rye bread, pastrami, melted cheese with slices of pepperoncini. That hot pepper gave the otherwise mundane sandwich the kick and its name."

I expressed my deep grief over the loss of this long time favorite. I stopped short of demanding its return.

Late this afternoon I heard from Adam Gormel. His family owns The Retreat. Adam explained the unexplainable. Why did they remove John's Revenge from the menu? "We decided to change up our menu because of the growing competition around town and thought it was a time for change. To be honest with you the John's Revenge isn't one of our better sellers. But, since we have taken it off the menu it has caused the most negative feedback we have ever received when it comes to removing an item," said Gormel.

I was relieved to learn I am not alone. "We had one lady say she is never coming back," said Gormel. "We have found out the ones who oredered the Revenge were loyal customers."

The Retreat staff got a few laughs out of the blog and appreciated the publicity for a locally run restaurant that fights a daily battle against the national chains. Then they reached a conclusion that proves they are listening to their customers.

"The Revenge will be back on the menu shortly!!! The good thing about our menus is we can change them easily," said Gormel. "So don't be surprised if you see our Facebook page make an announcement next week that the Revenge is back on!!"

Welcome back John's Revenge! Thank you, but a word of warning to the Retreat - please don't change it's make up. Not every sandwich needs to be served on a pretzel.


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