Travel to Italy: Matt's Memo

Rome Colosseum.

The food. The wine. The art. The traffic. The crowds. The tourists. For every bit of advice and endorsement of a unforgettable quality of a trip to Italy comes a word of caution or warning to make sure your travel is safe and pleasant.

I've been asking people for weeks now whether they have visited Italy. When they acknowledge they have they universally break out in a smile. Everyone seems to love it. Of course, most are not there working. They are typically there on vacation.

In about one month I will fly into Rome along with two of the best television photographers in New York State. We will be documenting the Canonization of Saint Marianne Cope at the Vatican. We are traveling with a large group led by Bishop Cunningham of the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse. Franciscan Sisters are also flying over. And, there's a group from Hawaii that will include people with Hansen's disease that have a direct connection to the work of Mother Marianne.

While we are there we hope to have a moment from time to time to take in the best Rome has to offer. Perhaps a restaurant tucked away in a nearby neighborhood. We have plans to zip past the major sights and will certainly be inside Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica. But, what else? Where should we focus our tourist attention? Where should we grab a memorable bite to eat or that glass of wine?

Please share your advice by commenting below or on Facebook. In the meantime, arrivederci!

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