Twelve minutes to get 30 years, David Renz: Matt's Memo

The sentencing took twelve minutes. It's not clear whether that was shorter or longer than the attack on a librarian and a 10 year old girl. It's probably close. The notorious David Renz stood in a federal courtroom late this morning and heard it from the judge: he must serve 30 years in prison on child pornography charges.

It's a sentence that may never be carried out. Judge Norman Mordue mandated the federal sentence run consecutively to the as yet unspecified sentence. But, if the state sentence for murder and rape is life in prison without parole, then the federal time is academic.

Renz not only heard it from the judge, but also the prosecution. U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher stressed the critical lesson that was reinforced in this case. She told the court, "when he was arrested for this crime on January 9, 2013, David Renz presented as what some would refer to as a typical "run of the mill" child pornography offender."

"Then he proved," Fletcher said. "What ten years of experience in this field has taught me, there is not typical, no run of the mill child pornography case."

Fletcher pointed to multiple alarming factors about Renz that were not related to the murder of Lori Bresnahan and the rape of the girl. His record as a youth of a past sexual offense that continues to be sealed under family court records. Also, his continued accumulation of child pornography even while on supervised release. Fletcher explained explicitly, Renz's violent sexual acts mimicked what he watched in the child pornographic video.

Another sentencing lies ahead for Renz in the state court for murder and rape. There is also the possibility of a federal car jacking charge that could bring the death penalty into play. Death Penalty or not the community can rest assured David Renz will never again be a member of society. As friends of Lori Bresnahan said today - there is no punishment that will bring her back or undo what was done to the ten year old girl that night.


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