Wanted man surrenders: Matt's Memo

Glenn Carr.

Investigators now know exactly where Glen Carr is. He's in cell TL652 in the Onondaga County Justice Center in downtown Syracuse. He arrived there after an early evening court appearance in the Town of Clay. He had already surrendered to sheriff deputies just after five o'clock tonight. The 44 hours that preceded these legal events are another story. Authorities say they don't know where Carr was during that time. They're working on piecing it together.

That puzzle became the sheriff department's problem after Carr crashed his used Audi and flipped it over near where Bonstead Road and Route 481 meet in Clay. Sheriff Walsh says Carr was heard saying at the scene that he was drunk, had a past DWI and was not going back to prison. Carr was not alone in the car. Steven Sears was with him. People who know them both describe Sears as his cousin.

District Attorney Bill Fitpatrick has his team of prosecutors and investigators looking at this car crash as a homicide. So far the only charge is leaving the scene of an accident, but additional charges are expected. Carr has a lengthy history. Three terms in state prison and dozens of past arrests.

We learned today he was arrested two summers ago in New Jersey on a trip with family that included a 14 year old girl. They were caught with pipes in the car with marijuana residue. He has dealt with drunk driving charges before and a burglary that put him in state prison. The judge tonight had no choice but to deny bail for the two time felon.

Despite the littany of run-ins with the law there are people who care for Glen Carr. His Facebook page has a few notes of concern. Friends are relieved he turned himself in to police. They see him as a guy with a big heart. Strangers are not viewing it in the same light. They are upset on several counts. First for driving drunk, secondly for leaving the scene and thirdly for having a lengthy history of criminal acts.

His lawyer will likely talk about addiction issues. He will work to minimize Carr's level of accountability and punishment. Despite Carr's statement that he did not want to return to jail, he is back. In cell TL652.

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